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(London, UK)—ParentsNeed, a premier website that provides tips and guides related to parenting at every stage of life, has recently announced the relaunch of their website with a new design as well as a new focus. According to the site’s owners, now better reflects their core values and helps to shift the focus of their work back to what really matters – parents and their concerns. In addition to the parenting guides they provide, the site also provides unbiased, in-depth reviews on many of the top baby products on the market.

Lisa Hayden, a representative of ParentsNeed, commented “It would be a difficult task to find anyone who would call parenting an easy job. From getting pregnant to raising high-schoolers, being a parent can be a tough job for which there is often very little guidance and support. This is why we launched Parents Need in the first place and the reason why we have redesigned and relaunched this new site. Our focus is truly on helping parents succeed, and the new site is a better reflection of that core value. We want parents to know that they don’t have to feel alone and that we’re here to help them through every stage of their child’s life.”

The ParentsNeed website now features a straightforward design with an easy flow that helps parents effortlessly find the information they need. The site includes articles and guides in categories that reflect every stage of parenting as well as address important concerns that often arise during those life stages. There are special sections of the website for pregnancy and fertility tips, helpful articles on parenting principles, and comprehensive reviews on top products that will help parents better enjoy the days they have with their kids.

As Hayden goes on to say, “The ParentsNeed team has worked hard on the relaunch in order to put the focus back where it needs to be – on parents. We see it as our mission to provide them with reliable resources to get through even their toughest days. Working together, we can provide support as parents continue to navigate what can be an overwhelming but still very rewarding experience for both themselves and their children.”

About ParentsNeed:

ParentsNeed is a website dedicated to babies, parenting, pregnancy, kids, teens, and guides and reviews to make parenting more enjoyable.


8 tips for a happy marriage after babies

8 tips for a happy marriage after babiesPinky McKay, Melbourne-based parenting doyenne, mum of five and author of Parenting By Heart (Penguin), says having a baby is one of the biggest tests your marriage will face. “Having a baby is probably the greatest adjustment a couple could experience. It amazes me how much effort people put into planning for a baby on a practical level, but often don’t even consider how much their relationship will change with a baby – all the frozen casseroles in the world can’t prepare you for the lack of time, sleep and the hormonal chemistry of new parenthood.” Here’s her advice for a happy marriage after babies:

Make sure you’re supported

If you’re pregnant, start preparing now for a supported birth to really protect your relationship post-birth.  Pinky says making sure you feel supported during the birth can help shield your relationship by preventing feelings of being let down if your partner hasn’t fulfilled all your expectaions during labour and birth. “I feel it’s important, especially for first births, to have a support person, such as your own midwife (you can hire an independent midwife even if you have a hospital birth) or a doula, as well as your partner. The support person can do so many little things to make your birth easier without intruding on your partner experience,” she says.

Change your sex life

Women and men are wired very differently – a new mother can be totally consumed with baby care all day (and night) – and might want to cuddle and feel nurtured without it ending in sex, or she may simply feel ‘ all touched out’ after giving so much of her body to the baby. Conversely, reveals Pinky, the guy’s way of feeling close is to have sex. As this is where things can break down, communication and understanding are key to intimacy. “Guys are more likely to get lucky if they help with baby care – settling, rocking, bathing are great ways to share – or cooking and cleaning up so she will have time to share ‘the love’ without feeling stressed about all the things that need doing,” she advises. “Guys – think of ‘doing dishes’ as foreplay!”

Allow yourself to have those post-birth feelings

Childbirth can sometimes colour your relationship with your partner and how you feel about intimacy. “From flashbacks, to people doing vaginal exams during labour, to fear of pain or, on the other hand, feelings of power and strength if the woman felt supported – how she perceives her partner’s strength and support will colour how she feels about him too,” says Pinky, adding that she’s spoken to couples where the partner feels responsible for things that have gone ‘wrong’.” Talk to your partner if this is the case, and seek professional help if your feelings have changed.

Come to terms with your ‘new’ body

Your body is going through a new life stage on producing a baby, so give yourself time to get used to your post-baby figure without expecting to spring back like a supermodel. “Body image can greatly affect how ‘sexy’ a woman feels after having a baby – wobbly bits and leaking can be a shock to many women, and media images of celebs who have amazing after-baby bodies aren’t helpful,” says Pinky.

Have a date night

While caring for your baby might be all-consuming, it’s important to nurture your relationship, too, by giving it quality time. “If you want ‘together time’ you may have to plan ahead – mark a ‘date night’ on the calendar even if this means a video and takeaway at home,” advises Pinky. “Or you can enjoy being spontaneous – you don’t only have to make love in bed at night time.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Consider help with practical things such as hiring a cleaner, a gardener or dog walker, and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help to relieve the strain on your life and your relationship. “You are not imposing – everyone feels privileged to share the joy of a baby,” says Pinky.

Have your own savings fund

Statistically, money is the greatest source of arguments for all couples – however much you have, so Pinky advises planning ahead and saving some money for yourself before you have your baby. “It can be difficult to ask your partner for money when you have always been financially independent,” she explains. “Partners don’t always see the value of a latte with mums’ group or a mummy yoga class; many don’t appreciate the cost of nappies and basic household groceries when you are reduced to a single income, but will rummage in your purse for parking money as they leave for work! Again, communication is key.”

Find some me-time

If you feel all worn out from giving all day, you can’t expect to feel excited about your relationship: you need to keep loving yourself in little ways so that you have good energy and loving feelings for your partner. “It’s important to find ‘me’ time as well as couple time,” says Pinky. “It can be good to stick a reminder on your fridge of things you can do in a few minutes – from painting your toenails to making a pot of tea. If you are at home with a small baby, watch a DVD while you feed, call a friend or check emails while baby has a kick on the floor, walk in the sunshine while baby sleeps in the pram or a sling, or join a mum and bub exercise or yoga group.” Your relationship and you will both benefit from it.

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How to Determine Teens With Depression

Nowadays, a large number of teens experience depression. It is so frightening to know how many of them are affected by this problem. This will not do good to your loved ones. Rich and poor teens are suffering from this condition. Often, parents and friends will only notice this problem after it has become large already. This is a very disheartening part of this epidemic. However, as a parent or a friend, it would be a great help if you know something about this problem. If you wanted to make sure that none of your teens are having this problem, you have to know something about it to help them earlier.

This article will help you know the early signs of depression in order for you to know if your children are having it already. You should bear in mind that depression can do not good to your children, both emotionally and physically.

1. The first sign that your teen is having a depression is when there are changes in their appetite or mood at a very sudden way. However, you should also take note that this can also happen to children entering into adolescent. Still, you should be sure that they are not having depression.

2. Your children have sure some favorite things to do, and when you notice they are losing interest at them, then you should take note of it. It can be very threatening if they lose interest from it few months ago. For example, they love painting nature but then didn’t noticed them doing it in the last few months.

3. Depression can come so fast when being faced in traumatic situations. Teens who have been depressed are often caused by death of a family or a friend or divorce of parents. Although it is not their fault, teens blame themselves.

4. A teen with no emotions can lead to depression. If they are not happy even when something is good is happening, then their mind might be bothered. Even if there is not big happening or traumatic experience, depression can still come.

5. If you find them withdrawing away themselves from the people they usually go out with, then there is sure a depression. They just want to be alone. This can be a serious condition and may not always happen to every teen.

Depression is not a light thing, much more when it is your children being affected by it. Once you neglect the signs and the problem your teens are going through, then this can threaten their lives. If you are watching or reading news, then you know that there are already several teens who end up harmed because depression overrules their life. If you do not give time to help your teens, then they might also end up the same.

There is a treatment for those people who are having depression. Your doctor can sure give you valuable advices on how to help teens suffering from depression. Also, you can sure get recommendations regarding the specialist you should visit.


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Parents and Their Tweens

When children are in the age group of nine and eleven years, they are called the pre-teens or tweens. One characteristic of this age group is that they are still emotionally dependent upon their parents. If there is anyone that tweens emulate more, it is still their parents who serve as their role models. If parents choose healthy nutritional foods and an active lifestyle, their children also have the same choices of food and activities. And if parents spend the weekend on a couch munching chips, chances are their tweens are also the type who do not want outdoor activities and spend a great amount of time watching TV and playing computer games. Obesity has been the result of this bad habits of eating too much junk food and spend time in inactivity.

Tweens and their peers have a strong emotional link. Being like your peers is how tweens find acceptance in the group. Being one with the group is what they call as group think. But at this age, the tweens have not developed the need to be independent from their families. Parents should take advantage of this dependence upon them and should encourage their pre teens to go out and join activities that are beneficial. They should be taught about their obligations to serve others. To give them opportunities for this, they can join church groups, volunteer organizations, and scouting experiences. Joining the family in activities and given household chores should be part of their routine lifestyle. Helping others would make them happy because this age is an age where they are not longer as egocentric as when they were younger.

Preventable injuries is the leading cause of death in tween years. There are deaths from auto accidents and non-auto accidents like bike accidents, falls, drowning, etc. Some tweens commit suicide, but the number is not so significant. Almost half of deaths on this age group are preventable. Although peer pressure has a great influence in a tweens life, parents pressure is stronger and generally prevails. This can be illustrated in a situation where tweens peers dictate that helmet should not be worn when biking and when the parents do not approve of this or else they cant ride their bikes, then the child obeys the parent more.

Internet use can potentially corrupt tweens. Parents must address the issues of inappropriate websites, social interactive sites such as facebook and others, and general overuse of the internet. The content that these kids are exposed to online should be monitored by their parents. Parents should schedule hours of internet use. Parental monitoring of internet content that their children are being exposed to daily is very important.


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The Challenges Experienced During Teenage Years

According to most people, teenage years are the most ideal stage of development. For instance, there is a lot of enthusiasm that a person experiences during teenage years. There are many things that might excite a girl during the teenage years. However, there are some common problems that teenage girls experience. Appearance is one of the major problems that girls in teenage years experience. The most constant changes in a girl’s body usually happen during teenage years. Upon experiencing the fundamental changes, the girl is likely to be confused.

The learning process is likely to occasion a lot of pressure on the girl. By setting big academic goals, the girl is likely to become depressed after failing to achieve them. After failing to perform well in school, the girl is likely to suffer from extreme stress. When the girl is not treated for the stress she is suffering from, it might become depression later. Most teenage girls experience dating issues. Owing to the significant increase in hormones in the body of a girl, dating becomes a necessity. Accordingly, the girl is likely to fall for a first crush. The increased hormones are likely to make the girl vulnerable for some romantic liaisons.

The friends of the girl are likely to pressurize her to engage in some sought of a romantic relationship during teenage years. The modern media also places a lot of pressure on a girl to start the dating process. Girls are the most vulnerable to bullying during the teenage years. The personality of the girl will change when the bullying is extreme. Too much bullying can also cause some behavioral changes on the part of the girl. A major challenge in the life of a teenage girl is usually caused by friendship.

The social skills of the girl develop the most during the teenage years. When the friendship becomes rocky, the girl will become stressed. After the friendship does not work out, the girl is likely to have some depression. A source of major problems for the life of the girl is self esteem. It is usual for teenage girls to make a comparison between themselves and some other people. Depression will usually arise when such a girl views other people as being more accomplished.

During the teenage years, the abuse of substances is a major problem that most girls experience. Most girls are introduced to the abuse of drugs through peer pressure. The consumption of drugs is usually occasioned by various things. There are many girls that take drugs to reduce their stress levels. To feel more secure, some girls take drugs. However, the consumption of drugs can become a major problem when the girl is addicted.


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Solutions for Teen Girl Problems

Usually, teenage girls are sweet, sensitive, and outgoing, however, there can be times when they won’t feeling much like themselves because of the things they are going through. It becomes incredibly problematic when you don’t know how to deal with this person and she doesn’t know how to handle you as well. It’s usually girls who are not able to adjust easily to the years of transformation and that is why people need to do their best to understand them. This is something that a family will face during some point in their lives. This is a hard time for people and it’s incredibly tricky for them to deal with these kinds of situations. It gets better in time so you only have to hold on and handle the situation the right way. The health of your family is more important than anything else so make sure you take care of it at all times.

Tell Girl Behavior Problems

Sometimes teenagers, particularly the girls struggle to find themselves and that creates problems with their behavior as they start to act out toward their parents and friends. They get confused and would need the guidance of adults more than ever during this time.

You can show authority to these kids but at the same time respect the changes they are going through as well. You will notice them tend to disrespect those of authority as a form of rebellion for not really knowing who they are. When these teenagers belong in a group then they tend to make even more bad behavior because of the fact that they influence each other in so many ways.

This is the toughest challenge for a parent yet because they never know what their kids are capable of. You need to discipline your kid in the best possible way but make sure that you set proper expectations and be realistic with the results. When you are dealing punishment to a person, you need to be sure to consider a lot of things. You will be able to see changes for the better when this is properly applied to the scenario that you are in.

When you are relying on figures in dealing with your family, you have to make sure that you seek legitimate sources at all times because they bring the most effective results. Dealing with a daughter will often end in tears so you have to be ready for that at all times. Make sure you are a good parent and have not contributed to any way as to the reason why your teenage daughter is acting the way she is against you.


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Three Common Teen Girl Problems and Tips on How to Solve Them

Due to the fact that it is filled with a lot of cheerful, enthusiastic and exciting moments, many of us would agree that the teenage years of our lives is one of the best. As with anything else in this world however, there are always two sides of the coin, and this is evident through the many challenges that we all have to deal with during those years as well. That said, here are three very common teenage girl problems and some examples of the best solutions that you can provide to help her overcome them better.

One of the most common problems that teenage girls usually face during such a stage in their life, are those related to appearance and body image issues. It is after all, the time in her life when she’ll need to do her best to cope with the many changes that are happening to her body. There are several things you can do to help her out and a few examples of which is to carefully monitor your teen, and make sure she doesn’t develop any eating habits that are unhealthy.

Second, bullying is another very common teenage girl problem that may be giving your daughter a very hard time during these years. Experiencing depression and isolating herself from society, are some of the risk involved with this problem, in addition to the damages she will experience in terms of her behavior and personality. If you want to help your child deal with bullying better, make sure that you encourage her to discuss everything with you. Apart from that, you can also provide her with advice on how to get out of such situations or deal with them in an effective manner.

The last example of the most common teenage girl problems that your child may be dealing with, is friendship issues. It is possible that your daughter will have a best friend that she loves and suddenly have a fight with her which then results to mood swings and aggression. One of the most effective solution for this problem is to talk to your child and let her know that fights with friends are pretty natural. Most important of all, let your child understand that these fights doesn’t mean that her friends are bad.

Since these teenage girl problems can usually make your child struggle, you have to provide her with all the support you can muster as a parent. Developing enough patience and constantly communicating with your daughter, is one of the best ways for you to help her out throughout this stage in her life.


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Plan Your Wedding with the Best Wedding Planning Company

Wedding planning can be exciting, but with all the little details that need to be considered, it can become something stressful and frustrating. Now this is no longer a problem because there are already many companies that help couples in wedding planning and arrangements. If you want to make a great wedding celebration, hire the best wedding planning company to make your dreams come true.

There are today many different types of wedding planners going by different names but most offering services to plan your wedding with all the arrangements. Wedding consultants, coordinators, wedding stylist, wedding designer, event producer, and event director are the many names that wedding planners are called.

To help you in choosing the wedding planner that you think is best for you, here are some of the types of wedding planners and the type of services they offer. This will help you to decide what kind of wedding planning company best suits your wedding needs.

When a wedding planner or producer do their job, they consult you on everything and they plan out and arrange according to your wishes for that day. From beginning to end, they will make sure that all details are put together and they can do this for you because they have connections with different wedding service providers. These wedding planners come with a background degree in event and hospitality management from known schools. Their knowledge about wedding planning include customs, wedding etiquette, and procedures. The best wedding planners have many years of experiences in wedding planning.

Guiding and supervising the wedding arrangements is what wedding consultants are for. Unlike wedding planners who keep to your plans, wedding consultant joint he planning and give suggestions. Because they have contacts with vendors, they can use them for the wedding arrangements. Handling and negotiating with the vendors is your job and not theirs. Some of the other things consultants do is to schedule wedding day events, and to supervise while the preparations are going in. Wedding consultant is less experienced than wedding planners.

Wedding stylists are also called wedding architects or designers. Wedding stylists are there to make your dream wedding become a reality. These wedding stylists are trained in interior designing flower arrangement. They offer planning services but they also take care of the designing as well.

Because there are couples who are budget conscious, they do not want to hire wedding planners and opt to do the planning and arrangements themselves and will contact a wedding planner later if necessary. However it is not always possible to hire the services of a wedding planner with a flick of a finger. You cannot simply bring in a wedding planner in the middle of what you have already started to do and expect them to finish it.

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Utilizing Retro Decor to Dress Up Your Residence

Being raised inside the 1970’s was actually a fun time period so a lot of grown ups now would like to recapture the memories of their years as a child. With the assistance of brand new home interior decoration, doing this right now becomes simpler. Start in your kitchen area, as this is precisely what numerous consider to be the very center of the residence. This place tends to be the place members of the family gather, so it is a excellent place to share childhood stories together with brand new generations. Look into adding avocado green and / or vibrant orange seats plus integrate a number of the unconventional figures from that period. Discover strategies to add these items in the kitchen for great end results that pull individuals in. When this isn’t the style you prefer, contemplate selecting a country kitchen, an area that makes use of home decor typically found in cottages. Wood furniture is a great solution to include this type of touch in virtually any place of the house, but in particular the kitchen area. Sunburst clocks are yet another fantastic way to add a bit of the 1970’s in any space, and quite a few choose to use vibrant floral styles inside the boudoir, since they had been popular during this time. Velvet was obviously a widely used material during this time, and it’s a great way to modify the appearance of an area. Think about adding a Statesman Chair in your living area that boasts this material and people are sure to notice. Don’t disregard the small touches while updating the appearance of a room, because they frequently produce the distinction between an OK place and one that is spectacular. Kitschy coasters displaying patterns and styles ought to be made use of all over the residence, and also add some furniture with legs, including bookcases, seating and much more. Owls were definitely another popular design and style component during this time. Opt for vibrant hued, odd seeming owls to reproduce the 70s atmosphere or decide on solitary shade owls for a more modern look. Either will definitely enhance virtually any space in your home. These are just a couple of many strategies a person can update their own interior decoration without spending a fortune to accomplish this and take back the 70s, an awesome period within their history. You can do the same. Look at this web-link. All you have to complete is click here to visit this website and you’ll be equipped to redo in no time at all.

He May Well Be Flirting, Although If He Is, You Only Have to Decide to Have Fun

It first happens as soon as you’re eight years, only back then, you don’t know the appropriate queries to ask. Simply observe that that sweet little boy sitting there in the table along the way keeps shooting glances at you, and then every time you truly look towards him, this little boy smiles. If only you had been slightly more mature, you can speculate to yourself – is he flirting with me? – or maybe, you could ask one of your girl buddies. However, at the ripe ancient age of eight, virtually all you truly understand is that that sidelong stare causes you to come to feel unique.

A similar thing takes place when you become a teen. You are just hanging out in the hall right after your class and out of the blue it becomes clear that how that attractive person from chemistry is standing near you relatively close up and that he seems to have his muscled arm propped right up higher than your head on the locker and he’s grinning down towards you. The idea – is he flirting? – crosses your thoughts now you have the terminology to express your ideas. He IS flirting, and you truly know it. However, just as was the situation whenever you were a tiny girl, still it makes you really feel special.

Years, sometimes decades pass by. Time features a method of soaring. Potentially as a result of death or even separation and divorce, once again, you are alone, trekking outside of a committee assembly or even adult education class, only to realize some good looking gent’s warm and smiling gaze centered firmly about you, a definite grin on his attractive mouth. You find yourself pondering, “is he attracted to me?” but yet, you realize the answer in your own heart. He is. Existence keeps on. Have a great time.

Actually, possibly the proper thing to do if you ever get in this particular circumstance is not to stand all-around until finally some fine guy sets out to flirt together with you. Perhaps the issue which you should do is to find some good-looking male and then start to flirt with him! Let him be the party to speculate, and to suspect what exactly is in fact happening. Permit him to end up being the one to contemplate if you will find him desirable. The rules have modified within the last few years. Ladies no longer must delay for males to decide to create that initial move – they can make that initial move themselves! Which often obviously suggests the question: Exactly what are you waiting for? It is definitely time to get going!

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